What happened to Hoboken scruples?


Scruples no longer needed in Hoboken?

The definition of scruples is: “A moral or ethical consideration or standard that acts as a restraining force or inhibits certain actions.”

Considering what has taken place recently – that word hasn’t been used much in the Mile Square!

As you can see here – the person throwing this heap of rubbish out (along with Balderdash and a 19″ CRT television) – didn’t need scruples anymore.

I cannot confirm or deny where this incident took place. But keep in mind that the City Council elections for the six wards is coming up in May 2011 – so pay attention to what’s transpiring at City Hall to make your decisions easier!

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You seem to imply that lack of scruples is a recent phenomenon for elected officials in Hoboken. Considering that two out of the last four mayors have been convicted of a crime directly related to their elected position I would say scruples have been lacking for some time.