NJ traffic fatality report 2006

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign released their 2006 traffic fatality report last week.

Traffic deaths in New Jersey rose again last year to their highest point since 2002. 770 people died in traffic crashes in New Jersey in 2006, up more than 3 percent from 2005. Pedestrian fatalities increased even more significantly, to 168 in 2006 from 156 the previous year, a jump of nearly 8 percent.

In Hudson County (population ranked 5th out 21 counties), the number of pedestrian fatalities (4) fell by 67% from 2005 (12), and ranked 15th out of 21 counties.

However, over the past 10 years, the percentage of pedestrian deaths out of all traffic fatalities was the worst in the state, at 36.9%. My assumption is that it’s probably due to the higher concentration of people, less parking, slower roads, and more commuters.

As part of the county, it seems we’re not as badly off as we thought. Maybe Hoboken leads the state in “close calls”? Either that, or we just have the fastest reflexes. Again, this city is only 1.3 square miles.

hudson county pedestrian death percentage - NJ traffic fatality report 2006

—[ View all county fact sheets here. ]—

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[quote comment=”14440″]Jeez, with all this talk about violence, I think the traffic deaths would shoot up 200% in 2007 if any of this was acted upon…. :lol:[/quote]

Maybe rapperd, maybe.

But it’s short term pain for long term gain – we need to remove a small percentage from the gene pool (and the roads that’s I’m driving on). We either shoot them, bazooka them or force feed them tacos from the taco van.

Just think how things will look in 2010?


Jeez, with all this talk about violence, I think the traffic deaths would shoot up 200% in 2007 if any of this was acted upon…. 😆


[quote comment=”14419″]Don’t forget…

11) The f**knuts that block the intersections because they don’t wait for enough room on the other side in heavy traffic.

I propose again a Chinook Helicoptor with giant retractable magnet. First offense, cars will be plucked from traffic and sent back to the end of the line. Second offense, drivers will be plucked from traffic and dropped into the f**cking river.[/quote]

We should look at why people block the intersection. Normally it’s because of the ‘nts that drive up in the outside lane and cut in – you should be allowed to bazooka those mfkrs.


don’t forget to include the trap door drop into the old tunnels underneath Washington


wgenese for President!! :mrgreen: