Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets: 2/21/2011


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Happy Presidents Day!

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Do you remember Lincolns Birthday?

Some of us used to have both Washington’s Birthday AND Lincoln’s Birthday off from school – plus an additional “recess.” Those were the days!

In case you want to know a 5-minute history of this holiday – click here to learn.

Radiohead: The King of Limbs

Radiohead has been one of my favorite original bands for a long time – and this past weekend, they released their latest album The King of Limbs. A very evolved sound that some Radiohead fans may have a little adjustment to make. One obvious difference is the new way they’re using fast-paced electronic drums and percussion effects. But some of the trademark Radiohead chord-progressions are obvious if you enjoy without distraction.

I listened to the record just once so far – and three that stood out were Feral, Separator – and my favorite at the moment: Little by Little.

What does all this Middle East stuff mean?

Not sure about anyone else – but I do NOT have a comfortable feeling about what’s going on “over there,” and am trying to figure out “what the other hand(s) are doing” while we’re distracted by all the protests. Anyway – here’s some interesting reports out of Libya:

Will the sun screw up your Facebook updates?

Solar Flares are back in the news – with potential disruptions to various communications networks across the globe. What will all the smartphone addicted people do if they cannot update Twitter or Facebook? Die, I reckon.

Snow? Really? Hmmph.

Today’s snow is lame – as well as the rest of the week’s forecast!

Have a great week everyone!

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The tracks you pointed out are all great, and the most tolerable by some unsophisticated music listeners. My favorite is Give Up the Ghost. Beautiful sounding.

Could have done without Bloom. I’ve listened over and over, and cannot understand the logic for including such a song on the album. Might help to hear from the band members on what went into that track.

God bless Radiohead for their individuality!


re: Radiohead I’ll love anything they produce. One of the last few musical geniuses left in our time.