Fire at 300 Adams St.

See all the action and read about what transpired during this apartment fire that started at 300 Adams Street after the break. Thanks Matt for adding some additional scene photos.



Thanks to 411 reader Alex and my own brother for providing the photographs.

It was overheard that it may have been an electrical fire. Questions were raised as to whether this building had sprinklers installed, since it was renovated more than 25 years ago.


Several injuries have been reported. From smoke inhalation to a woman with a broken shoulder. They’re organizing some of the people at 221 Adams St, as well as the Russo Civic Association on 4th and Adams. It was overheard that some City Council people have been summoned to help out with the efforts.

While it’s nice that everyone is pitching in a helping hand, it still seems as if our city is short-staffed with emergency personnel.

Just imagine if a major fire takes place on St. Patrick’s Day? It would be a true disaster. Hopefully they can get the help they need, or proper contingency plans.

Fire personnel have indicated that ventilation is improving and the fire seems to be almost “knocked down”.

Meanwhile, they have their hands full with the evacuation, assisting residents with water & shelter and disabled senior citizens. At least one fire fighter was reported to be injured. No word on the extent of his injuries.

Heavy smoke conditions, flames spewing out of the windows. Can be seen blocks away. They’re opening the multi-service center for smoke inhalation victims and other evacuees. Help is being calling in from other towns and disaster units as well.

At the Clock tower apartments, it’s reported that there’s a fire on the 5th floor. They’re calling ambulances and charging lines at the present time.

Anyone in the area that can snap photos please send them in.



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As soon as Wife and I make our firt purchase – we’re here for the long run – one of the first “upgrades” to wherever we move is super thick, noise-proof windows. Can’t imagine having babies/small children in this town with all the noise in the middle of the night.

Not trying to sound too whiny – I understand that this is part of city life… take the good with the bad – but this noise is ridiculous. Something I think Manhattan is quieter.


If I had to wager a guess, it was probably the fire department going somewhere…

This is a trend that a lot of agencies are going to. In fact, sometimes its driven by insurance companies who insure the department vehicles and members. For example, if you are driving in an emergent situation, if your lights are on, your siren must be on. Not every agency in town follows this policy.

This is a safety thing for not only the people who are trying to get to an emergency (which can be challenging enough with all the people who decide to double park on side streets), but for the people who need to carefully move out of the way.

I have no clue if it is a true motivator behind what your asking about, but it’s a shot in the dark.


No, this has been mentioned in other places around the site… I, too, have been wondering why it seems like every damn firetruck and emergency vehicle has to blare their sirens as they drive all over town for the past year… It’s really annoying..


So it’s not just me. I’ve noticed a definite increase in the amount of sirens in town as well. I thought I was just getting more ornery in my old age.


I think this deserves its own thread = what’s been going on with the noise in this town over the past 6-8 months??
I’ve been a resident here for 8+ years and can’t recall hearing so many sirens and emergency “horns.”

Example – last night, approximately 3:30am. Sound asleep. All of a sudden, it’s like a parade going down Willow Avenue. Must have been every emergency vehicle in the Hoboken vicinity. Now, we’re usually not awake @ this hour, but I can’t imagine that the roads are THAT busy where drivers need to be alerted. Just a hunch.

What’s going on? Was there a bill/law passed? 😐