Zoning Board Canceled 2/20/2007

2/20/2007 Update:

Heard it’s canceled. Mark calenders accordingly.

Here’s what on tap for tomorrow night:


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I agree get a lawyer but also go public 411 is a start but write a letter the Hoboken Reporter and the Jersey Journal. Put you Councilperson on the spot and demand they take a stand, If they side with you great if the side with the developer make it known and with an election
the people should know what and who they really stand for.
Time to play hardball.


For people who are trying to fight this, remember that this is a legal hearing – the zoning board is not swayed by public opinion but can be swayed by legal arguments.

Best bet is to invest some money in a good lawyer and have him argue your case in legal terms.


“family-friendly feel of Hoboken” , funny I never got that feel from hoboken. I find it to be 20-40 something singles. Not to mention trying not be mugged or beat up walking around with my IPOD.


so the Fire Chief needs 85-90 feet deep buildings to suit families? Funny, weren’t allowed to go over 60 deep in ours INCLUDING the decks and stairs and even the concrete patio in the back, and it suits our family just fine. What a crock! Btw, anyone know what happened to the buildings that were there before? Any chance they, uh, might, um have, uh, BURNED?

Care about open space and maintaining the family-friendly feel of Hoboken? We need your help tomorrow night! Here’s the scoop on the over-sized project at 516 Grand/517 Adams: The 200′ to-be-developed lot extends from Grand to Adams. The builder, who also just happens to be the Hoboken Fire Chief, has asked for significant variances to build two 5-story buildings, each one facing out on Grand and Adams street, with the rear of each building extending 85 feet back from the street (with decks on the back of each, for a grand total of 90 feet). The standard is 60 feet, which is the depth of the adjacent buildings. That’s 180 feet of building/deck, leaving only 20 feet remaining in between. The houses north on Grand/Adams have backyards that get a great deal of sunshine that will be lost by these new buildings, and the block will become claustrophobic with such a monster in the middle. We live just next to the property in question, have cultivated our backyard and spend tons of time out there with our kids, friends and neighbors, so this is a big issue for us and others like us on the block. The developer claims the units have to be this big in order to suit families; however, our building is full of families in smaller spaces that work just fine — and that don’t negatively affect anyone else’s space. Everyone wants to see our neighborhood developed, especially empty or abandoned lots, but the scale of… Read more »