Reporter Roundup 2/19/2007

suggestion-box-shredder.jpgContinuing the ongoing series, here are some highlights from the 2/18/2007 edition of our local paper, The Hoboken Reporter.

Was a little more dull than usual this week.

  • Not front page news, but the ongoing investigation of the Construction Code Office was touched on. Many records seized and lots of “hush hush” at City Hall. Wonder what they will uncover?
  • Mayor Roberts took out an ad about the upcoming “community meeting” on the SW Redevelopment Plan. As 411 reader “Westy” mentioned, without community activism, these things would have normally taken place behind closed doors with no public input. Bravo to all the people making their voices heard. This special meeting will take place Monday, February 26th at 7pm.
  • Dual office-holding: This article about the holdup regarding legislation to ban dual-office jobs seemed more like a PR piece against the ban. Do you think the ban is worthwhile? Sort of like would you want the the chef at your favorite restaurant to also tend bar and wash dishes too? More conflict of interest and faltering service in our humble opinion.
  • Letters to the Editor this week was two-pages and 16 letters (and poems). Was this expanded because they wanted to give public opinion more coverage? Or because that mortgage bank wanted the inner back page for advertising? Interestingly enough, they finally published a letter Helen Hirsch wrote to 411 and the Reporter a month ago.
  • Some front page coverage about the NJ Transit Railyards redevelopment zone as well as the City’s continuing lolly-gagging on the annual budget.
  • Nice writeup about the Hoboken Train and Ferry station centennial. They’re having a little “celebration” on Friday, February 23rd, between 3-7pm.
  • Surprisingly, no Ribbon-cuttings or “good news photo ops” with the Mayor this week. Bummer.

Anything else worth noting?

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