Hoboken Week in Review 2/18/2007

stray dogs - Hoboken Week in Review 2/18/2007Been really busy this past week. My dad had a birthday, my older brother had a celebration this week (Happy 44th!), spent some time out of town, and this fruity non-blizzard that was seemingly worse than a regular storm. So this week in review will be terrible. Sorry! Hope you get the idea anyway.

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News, items of importance:

Town Government:

  • More 4th Ward Action – New candidate Dawn Zimmer has an outstanding turnout at her first public meeting.
  • RFI-Diddy – Renew your hi-tech parking permits now, or go to towing hell.


  • Stuck in the 70’s – A friendly reminder that a kick-ass exhibit is still showing at the Hoboken Historical Museum.

New or Coming Soon:

Doomed or closing soon:


  • Baja-mbug – A guest reviewer volunteers her stomach lining to test some Mexican grub.
  • Mini McBride – Another donated review about one single dish at this Irish Bar.

Fun, Games and Miscellaneous stuff:

Recent Town Incidents:

  • Incident Map – Water mains, gas leaks, electrified fences and the obligatory assaults make the list.

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