Sasha Vujacic latest Hoboken Celebrity


Newest NJ Net Vujacic not too thrilled about Hoboken

Peter Brownell, who runs an NBA blog called No Regard for Human Life – emailed Hoboken411 and pointed out that NJ Nets Guard Sasha Vujacic (who was traded from the Los Angeles Lakers back in December)lives in Hoboken now. And he’s not very happy about the Mile Square…

The Wall Street Journal reported: “Renting an apartment in Hoboken, N.J., Mr. Vujacic longs for the companionship of his fiancé, the Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova, who travels throughout the year. He devotes much of his time to reading and studying basketball videos, and he misses the comfort and familiarity of his Manhattan Beach home. “I’ve been waiting five days now to have the heater in my apartment fixed. What I need to learn is how to survive the cold until spring.”

Peter was mystified how Sasha could be so bummed out, considering how great Hoboken is: “How could anyone be so sad living in a city chock full pizza parlors, Irish pubs, young, white, investment bankers, and Eli Manning? …. cheer up Sasha! Turn off the basketball videos for awhile, grab yourself a burger from Five Guys, and embrace wonderful Hoboken.”

Heck – maybe now his teammate Kris Humphries and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian can double date one night?

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That’s funny. I long for Maria’s companionship too.


Sounds like more of a complaint about his building, not Hoboken.