Valentines Day Goodness in Hoboken


Hoboken resident Brian had a great experience with the owner of Beethoven’s Veranda – which clearly demonstrates the intangible value of small businesses in the Mile Square.

Positive Slice of Life in Hoboken NJ

“With St. Valentine’s Day here it could be financially challenging for many of us here in town to treat our special Valentine in the style or method we have in the past when employed.

In my case my lovely honey of 10 years (married that is) is so understanding, we changed our strategy to enjoy the holiday, we went out for a superb meal last night at Rebecca’s in Edgewater. This strategy enabled us to enjoy their great menu and not being pushed into a corner of pricey Pre-fix meals (like New Years Eve for example) which for the most part of overpriced to begin with and not the same great food that draws you back to a favorite restaurant. We had a lovely meal and were not rushed so they could turn the table two or three times.

Secondly I had gone into Beethoven’s Veranda, the flower shop on 10th between Washington and Bloomfield, and met with Bill the proprietor (he and his wife in business for 10 years- they must be doing something right).

I told Bill that I wanted to do something special for my honey was a bit financially strapped being out of work, he was so accommodating first offering me other non-rose options with the wide selection of beautiful orchids and then was willing to work with me cost wise so that my wife could enjoy roses on St Valentines. See enclosed photo of a most beautiful long stem rose arrangement the effort Bill put into the presentation for my wife.

Bill, thank you for accommodating me and you now have a raving fan customer. Bill did not only make a sale which helped to lessen is “rose” exposure inventory, but made a fan of me; hence why I am sharing my story with you.

Moral of this story: Even if we are financially challenged we can still enjoy special holidays and moments with our loved ones with slight changes in strategy and understanding of our partners and secondly, to overcome the onslaught of the box store retailers we should remember those hard working proprietors who take care of their customers turning them into more than just customers but rather raving fans!”

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