Wireless Solutions – Doomed

1/6/2009 Update:

Wireless Solutions (618 Washington) is done.

While the sign says “we have moved to Touch Tone Wireless (315 Washington) – another area wireless store suspects that’s a bunch of crap – that it’s just a sign to direct customers to that other store – and that there was no such “moving” or partnership involved… Who knows. Maybe the same thing happened over at Yeung II Chinese (Who suggested they moved to Tokugawa Sushi)? Is that a tactic that Realtors use to help their clients?

hoboken wireless store moved closed - Wireless Solutions - Doomed

Description – Telephone products Empty Storefront
Services – Cell phones, Phones products, accessories
Address – 618 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-714-9300, Fax – 201-714-9507

wireless%20solutions - Wireless Solutions - Doomed

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Yeah, I got ripped off by these guys years ago…and I’m amazed I can say “years ago” for a store that somehow never managed to have an actual sign made of actual sign-oriented material.


I went in there a couple times, some huge fat guy always there, and he smelled awful.

This guy needed to be introduced to deodorant.


These douchebag, carbon-copy businesses need to stop manifesting themselves in Hoboken.

Mama Luke

[quote comment=”125626″]The owner of Wireless Solutions is a douche bag! I’m shocked he was in business as long as he was.[/quote]
I’m sorry for my previous quote, I meant Scumbag.

Mama Luke

The owner of Wireless Solutions is a douche bag! I’m shocked he was in business as long as he was.