Save The Youth March 2/17/2007

There are signs all over town announcing the upcoming “Save the Youth” march on February 17th, 2007 to commemorate one year anniversary of the murder of Hoboken resident Ismar “Mooky” Mineros.

March begins at 4:00pm at the notorious 5th and Jackson Street intersection.


Last year, a similar march was organized by Minero’s sister shortly after his death:


Rally in Hoboken
About 100 people gathered for a peaceful demonstration at the corner of Fifth and Jackson streets in Hoboken, at the site where Hoboken High School student Ismar “Mooky” Mineros was shot to death last week.

Mineros, 18, of Hoboken, was allegedly killed by Antonio Rivera Jr., 19, of Harrison Street. Rivera was out on bail at the time of the shooting, authorities said. He’d posted $75,000 bail after being arrested last year on an attempted murder charge.

Tonight’s rally, organized by Mineros’s sister, was to raise awareness of the problem of youth violence.

The marchers, singing “We Shall Overcome,” marched to City Hall, where they were addressed by Mayor David Roberts, who said he will work to ensure Mineros’s murder is the last in Hoboken.

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It’s extremely upsetting when someone so young passes. I just lost my brother-in-law, 18 years old in a car accident. 2 months into college…it isn’t easy..

we miss you Rube…RIP…love you..


Mr Roberts statement to “work to ensure Mineros’s murder is the last in Hoboken ” didn’t work out and there was another man shot to death in the same area shortly after Mr. Mineros was killed

The City Council’s publicity stunt cerfew is not enforced nothing has changed and one year later the crime and violence continues.

The old saying is; when are they going to do something when somebody dies ? Now what?


wow thats really upsetting.. i hate seeing young people die, its like life is taken from them before they’ve gotten a chance to experience it