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Verizon Wireless / United Telcom opens at 507 Washington

“Great news! The store is officially opened! It looks AMAZING!!! I’m so proud of how far we have come. We obviously couldn’t have done it without the amazing residents of Hoboken that we are proud and privileged to call our customers. We would like to say that the $30 off any Blackberry or Android phone, or $20 off any Simple Feature phone is still going for all Hoboken411 readers. Come in today and Experience the Difference!”

Description: Cell phone sales & service
Address: 331 507 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 420-7447

United Telecom / Verizon Wireless moving up


The United Telecom Verizon Wireless store currently located at 331 Washington Street is “movin’ on up” to the Futonland spot at 507 Washington Street in the next couple weeks.

United Telecom Verizon Wireless moving to Futonland spot on Washington Street Hoboken NJ

Oldest Verizon Store in Hoboken offers discounts

United Telecom’s Assistant Manager Sonny Feliciano is proud that they’re the oldest Verizon Wireless store in Hoboken, as well as their distinct and hard-earned “Premium Retailer” status. He explains:

“We understand that we are, what some of your readers refer to as a “Authorized retailer.” We are actually a “Premium retailer.”

Both exist, but being “Premium” means we worked very hard for many many years, got thousands and thousands of great reviews and have gone above and beyond as to meet Verizon’s strict standards. A Premium Retailer can be demoted to Authorized at anytime, But we still strive to offer the best customer experience you can find. Ask anyone of our thousands of loyal Hoboken customers, we wouldn’t have been able to survive in Hoboken for over 6 years without them. We really take the time to get to know you, understand you, find you the best phone, and of course get it to you at the best price we can. We also make sure you know how to use your phone BEFORE you leave, show you some cool tricks, and even go out of our way to see if you qualify for any monthly discounts, so the savings don’t just stop once you leave the store. We want everyone to know we offer the same products, and the same services as any other Verizon store (including Verizon FiOS.) We challenge Hoboken residents to experience the difference.”

He’s offering the following discounts to Hoboken411 readers: $30 off any smartphone (except iPhone), $20 off any “feature phone,” and 25% off any accessories.

(Soon to be) old United Telecom USA location

United Telecom USA

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