Your phone can cost you your life!


Part “Friday Fun,” and part “Public Service Announcement…”

Seriously folks, break the phone addiction today!

Many of you have already seen the self-absorbed lady who fell into a water fountain at a shopping mall while texting on her phone.

What made me think of this – was Tuesday’s Police Blotter report – where a woman was unfortunately struck by a vehicle while using her cell phone and crossing the street at the same time.

I’ve noticed a terrible trend that is increasing at exponential rates. The smart-phone / cell / texting addiction has really reached epidemic proportions. People everywhere are so hooked on interacting with these miniature computer devices – that they just can’t put them down – even when their own safety is visibly at risk.

I’d suggest that those individuals that are constantly fiddling with their phones – to try very hard to just put the damn thing away when you’re outside at least. The world can be is definitely a beautiful and interesting place to observe and think about. And get this – there are tons of people you can (get ready…) actually socialize with as well! You don’t need a login, an account, or anything else! Just open your mouth and talk. Doesn’t even require electricity or a cell plan! Amazing, eh?

Regardless, here’s a fantastic mashup / re-mix of that mall incident – along with her TV appearance where she was considering suing the mall property owners! For her own lack of awareness!

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NYC passed new fines today for using a cel phone while driving. In addition to the $100 fine there is a 2 point penalty. Points can raise auto insurance and 11 points within an 18 month period will get your license suspended. NJ should do the same.


Whatever happened to “look both ways before you cross the street” Pedestrians need to share the responsibility of safety with vehicles. Not take it for granted that cars will stop. Most people will say that if they get hit they will sue. Well enjoy your thousands of dollars from the best wheelchair money can buy.

Mama Luke

Government wants to run your life because you can’t run your own life. Give me a break.