Birthday Wishes to my Father!

birthday-father.jpgI wanted to take a quick break from the Hoboken scene for a minute to wish my Dad a Happy 84th Birthday! He’s still going strong as ever! Although I still get mad when he tells me he climbs a 30 foot ladder to clean the gutters.

I know he reads the site from time to time (and is constantly trying to tell me what I shouldn’t be saying!!), so I wanted to say thanks for being the best father I could have. If he was a “tougher” dad, I’d never have become the person who I am today (which is good and sometimes bad). But his interest in electronics and engineering must have had some influence in my life since I have an overly strong passion for the geek lifestyle.

Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday to your Dad! From what I gather, I’m considerably older than you and my Dad turns 82 this year!


That is the same birthday as my grandfather and he was a really great man !!!!!!!!


Oh goodness, PK, he should be canonized! Happy 84th to your Dad! :mrgreen:


Happy B-Day Papa 411!


Happy Birthday to the father of the dude who created this website… your son did good. Hope you enjoy your 84th b-day!

p.s. get your son to climb the 30 foot ladder and clean the gutter instead. That’s what they (sons) are for.