Parking Permit Renewal

hoboken parking sticker rfid - Parking Permit RenewalFor those that have cars in Hoboken, be reminded that the grace period for renewing your RFID parking permit sticker is ending on February 28th, 2007.

I slacked off and forgot until last week. If you fail to renew, you’re subject to having your car booted or towed. We all know how much of a nuisance that is.

If you lost the renewal form, you can go down to the Hoboken Parking Utility and do it in person. They say you need your license and registration to renew, but they accepted just my registration. But make sure you have both anyway (who doesn’t carry their drivers license?) They’ll ask you if you’re still at the same address, etc.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya! I’ll put a reminder on the Event Calendar as well.

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Write a letter to the Reporter. Call that “shame on you” hotline that channel 7 (??) does. Embarrass them till they pay.


Cant wait for someone to get boot and towed and the sticker been proven valid. How many times u think that is gonna happen?? Ever try getting back the money u paid. Im still waiting for mine since April of 05 when I attended someones funeral.. The city rescinded the ticket and the boot and said the money would be refunded. I guess they tell u long enough in hopes u forget and they get to keep the money. Well I didnt forget….thieves…


I went about a month ago and they were really rude, but luckily my car got towed 2 days later (no sign posted btw, but it was a MOVIE SHOOT, ooh) and I was able to prove my address through a cable bill and take care of both the tow and the sticker at the same time.

The woman I dealt with on Wednesday – hellacious bitch.

Woman I dealt with on Friday – really nice.


Forgot the form at home, didn’t have a bill on me, so I’ve got to return with the form. Very friendly, very efficient, and this new system is much better.


Ok, I renewed my parking permit this morning with no problem. I was in and out in about five minutes and they where very friendly. I need my license, registration and current utility bill. I did not need my lease or sign over the rights to my first born. I’m only worried that I paid cash. If they do not activate my permit I’m screwed.