Mc Swiggan’s Bar


In case any of you are interested, McSwiggan’s Bar is now up and running, less than nine months after the destructive fire reduced the building to shambles. More interior space, outdoor seating, and definitely more revenue flowing now!

Amazing recovery time, not only for the fire cleanup, but the inspections, rehabilitation, and complete turnaround! Probably smashed the Hoboken record by months! How’d they do it???

Just goes to show you that there’s a silver (is it gold, or green?) lining to every bad situation, even a devastating fire…

Anyway Furey, from took a few snapshots this evening:


See the rest of his pictures on his website – or on his Flickr photostream.

See how it looked before, after the jump…

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Description – Irish corner bar – fancily renovated after suspicious fire
Services – Bar, Available for parties, outdoor seating
Website –
Address – 110 1st St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-798-6700

Recent picture September 2008

5342808 d56 - Mc Swiggan's Bar

Old Pictures


McSwiggans 2.JPG

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Nero’s burning of Rome could have been the start of “Urban Renewal”. :mrgreen:


[quote comment=”108425″]Hope the rest of the tenants go and find out their legal rights. I have spent some time on this.
Signing off. Have fun with your very lame sports chatter…..[/quote]

Don’t be such a sour puss, Sandy. Stop by and have a drink, I’m sure everyone willl be thrilled to see you. Maybe you could join in the very lame sports chatter and try to milk everyone there for more sympathy like you tried in the past.

Just kidding. No one likes you, and most of them wish you contracted aids.

Have a great day! :mrgreen:


Hope the rest of the tenants go and find out their legal rights. I have spent some time on this.
Signing off. Have fun with your very lame sports chatter…..

Laugh and Argue
Laugh and Argue

[quote comment=”108082″][quote comment=”108006″]Hey guys, I really just want to know whether my teams are gonna be featured at McSwiggan’s. I didn’t say anything nasty about your teams (though there’s plenty of ammo available if I so chose), and I’m not a jackass, I’m just a third generation Boston fan who grew up rooting for the same teams my father and grandfather have followed for up to 85 years (and in the case of the Pats and Celtics, for the entire history of the teams). I’ve also lived in Jersey my whole life, so no amount of crap you can talk to me is gonna be new to me. And if I stood by the Pats when they were 2-14 and the joke of the league, why would I abandon them as soon as they lose a game for the first time in almost two years? Anybody who would abandon their team under those circumstances isn’t a fan at all. Lemme finally say this: I would much, MUCH rather watch a game with a fan of the other team who knows their stuff about the sport and isn’t a d-bag about it, than with a fan of my team who acts like an idiot the whole time. My Dad and I went to the Giants/Pats game last year where the Pats clinched the 16-0 season, and while lots of Giants fans were nasty to us that night, the guy next to us shook our hands after the game and said, “Congratulations.… Read more »