Water Cooler – 2/14/2007

chicken-water-cooler.gifOver-hyped Valentine’s Day and over-hyped “snow”. Now some other weather guy is saying we might get another snow storm on President’s Day. I’ll surely believe it when I see it. Not sure where I’ll be today with all the ice and hype, but here’s a quick list of some comments in the past week.

Did everyone venture out to work today?

  • The Vagina Monologues
    FAP says: “How do they get it to talk?”
  • 4th Ward Council – Dawn Zimmer
    Hobo91 says: “Good luck Dawn. I think Hoboken needs more concerned people like yourself.”
  • You can’t teach common sense
    nihil72 says: “The gadget isn’t the problem, the person is.”
  • Valentines Day Stiff
    Hobo91 says: “When I was young and single it used to be a good day to go trolling for lonely drunk babes…..it’s more like shooting fish in a barrel and not very sporting.”
  • Finally, intersection improvements
    wiseone says: “WOW! It’s about time. I was actually involved in an incident on that corner back in November 2004…”
  • Harrison Market
    Tonys says: “A REAL Store! Thanks the Neighbors for this one!”
  • Bars, Smoking, and St. Patrick’s Day
    whewwhewwhew says: “Do you own stock in the Timestamp machine company?”
  • Hoboken Groundhog
    SarahC says: “Clearly this one is well on his way to evolving into a flying mutant.”

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