Aquatic False Alarm on Hudson River

2/9/2011 Update:

US Army Corps of Engineers keep Hudson Safe

Chris, from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers saw the fantastic photos on Hoboken411 yesterday – and sent in this email elaborating on what took place.

“I noticed you all wrote about some work that one of our drift collection vessels was doing yesterday afternoon on the Hudson river (“Aquatic False Alarm on Hudson River”) and I wanted to touch base to offer a little more info.

US Army Corps of Engineers keeping the hudson river clean - Aquatic False Alarm on Hudson River

Long story short, the Corps has three drift collection vessels that regularly patrol in and around the New York and New Jersey Harbor, including DCV Gelberman which is the tan vessel in your photos (pictured above). Their primary mission is to collect up drift and debris that could be potentially hazardous to navigation and/or the environment.

As for yesterday, DCV Gelberman retrieved a yokohama fender (essentially giant rubber bumpers that I imagine could easily be mistaken for a whale) that had broken loose from a nearby ferry terminal on the New Jersey side and was floating where it could potentially create a hazard to navigation. The crew of DCV Gelberman worked with our partners on the harbor (looks like in the photo there is an NYPD vessel and a smaller Coast Guard vessel also on the scene) to retrieve the fender out of the water and ultimately return it to the ferry terminal where it came from.

As a fun fact, in FY2010 our fleet of DCVs collected just over 450,000 cubic feet of drift and debris from the waterways of the New York Harbor.”

Chris added that it’s not unusual that whales do make it to the Hudson – but it’s been quite a while since that happened!

See yesterday’s update and photo gallery after the jump…


Piece of tug boat breaks; mistaken for whale

Shortly after noon today, both NYC Harbor Patrol and Hoboken Police became concerned about a large object floating in the Hudson River.

Looking similar to a whale or capsized boat, units were sent out to investigate. After further review – and the fact that a tug boat turned around looking for it’s “missing piece,” it was determined to be a part of the boat bumper.

At least it was a good excuse to take a boat ride!

Makes you almost forget it’s still winter!

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