Hoboken Groundhog

6/22/2007 Update:

Seeing that this is “Furry Friday”, here’s another animal update. Zita Keeley from “All I do is Wine” sent these photos in of one of the Hoboken Groundhogs just chilling out in some kind of draining ditch over near the Stevens campus on 6th and Hudson Street. I guess that’s his version of sitting near the PATH and watching “The Parade”.


With Groundhog Day about two weeks in the past, I forgot to mention our own furry friend milling about town. This goes along with our other various creatures such as the menacing Opossum and the fearless Hawk and the sad & injured mystery bird that have been mentioned previously. A few more wild animals, and I’ll have to create the “Hoboken Zoo” category. Oh wait, that’s going to be the St. Patrick’s Day parade (doh!)

Hoboken411 reader Cristina said she saw our waddling buddy climbing a tree recently on 7th and Hudson on the Stevens property.

Seeing that this big snowstorm is turning into more of a slushy event, maybe our groundhog didn’t see his shadow either? And what should we name him?

Below are the top 3 names beginning with the letter “H” in 2005 paired together with “Hoboken”. Do they sound right?:

  • Hoboken Hayden – Sounds too trendy. I don’t think he’d like to wear a pink polo with the collar up.
  • Hoboken Hunter – Doesn’t sound like a groundhog.
  • Hoboken Henry – I like this one the best.

Here’s “Hoboken Henry” by the stairs between Stevens and Sinatra Drive.


FYI – Here are the stats for notorious groundhogs this year:

  • 6 more weeks of winter — Jimmy the Groundhog, Holtsville Hal, Dunkirk Dave, Sir Walter Wally
  • Early Spring — Punxsutawney Phil, Staten Island Chuck, Wiarton Willie, Shubenacadie Sam and General Beauregard Lee of Georgia, Malverne Mel, Buckeye Chuck, Spanish Joe

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The rumor is that the ground hogs have already hired Mike Oliva to run their campaign for the Councilmen at Large seats in two years.



[quote comment=”31944″]Trapping and relocating is a LOT more humane than what my grandfather used to do on his farm: throw a cherry bomb down their hole and then shoot them when they ran out. 😯

For the record, this is not something I condone – just one of those things old farmers did to preserve their livelihood…

And I’m a little suspect about frat boys trapping wildlife – sounds like some cruel prank or hazing in the making…[/quote]

Sarah, I think we might be related. For anyone interested, there is an entire short film called Horses, etc., by Sarah Winter, a teacher at the New School in New York, that chronicles the daily life of the animals in Hoboken. Everything from the horses (of course) to the groundhogs, ducks, the pigeon club, dogs. You can buy it at Cornerstone Pets, in Hoboken or at the Hoboken Museum.

Tama Murden

An inspired & hilarious series of posts on this one! Thanks for the entertainment!

I’ve seen one huge groundhog/woodchuck, whatever it is, for years, in the hill by the Stevens’ parking lot, at 6th & Hudson. I’ve often seen it (or its progeny), trundling down 10th St., to forage in the trash cans by The Elysian.

I’ve often wondered that it hasn’t been flattened by a speeding SUV, since it moves slower than molasses in January!

And I’ve had numerous nocturnal encounters w/racoons, the size of shelties (or bigger, on occasion), while walking my dog. At a distance, since it was marching down the pavement on 7th St., I thought it was someone’s off-leash dog, gone astray. But the gait seemed “off” for a dog & then I saw the “mask.”

As I’d posted in the “squirrel thread,” while I respect their existence, squirrels, racoons, woodchucks, groundhogs, etc. are feral. And potentially carry all manner of infectious stuff.

Cute as buttons, surely. But not a family pet, ever. Or to be treated as such, if encountered on the street and/or fire escape.

Better for them to be in a non-urban, but hospitable habitat, in whatever humane way that can be arranged.


His name is Washington!


The only wharf rats I’ve seen in Hoboken lately are Quimby Roberts, Compost, and Camaratto!!!!

All well fed at the taxpayer’s trough….