Special Council Meeting 2/13/2007

Here’s information about the “Special Council Meeting” they’re having tonight at 6pm. Why was this not during the regular council meeting last week? Because of all the attendees and press?

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The Honorable Richard Del Boccio
President, Hoboken City Council
Hoboken City Hall
94 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Re: Special Meeting of the Hoboken City Council

Dear Council President Del Boccio:

I hereby call a Special Meeting of the Hoboken City Council for Tuesday, February 13, 2007 at 6:00 pm in the City Council Chambers, 94 Washington Street, First Floor, Hoboken, New Jersey for the purpose of action on the following:

    Authorizing Additional Temporary Emergency Appropriations
    To the SFY 2007 Budget Until Such Time As a Formal Budget
    Is Adopted.


City of Hoboken

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Have Not Had The Time To View The April 4th Council Meeting. Would Appreciate Any Infomation On A Council Recommendation To Remove All Homeless Persons Gear Or Clothes. Reason Being, All Randy Vargas Gear Was Thrown Away. Kudos To One City Official, Secretary And 2 Laborers Who Tried To Retrieve His Gear And Momentos Of Foxy, With No Sucess.


No biggie. The business administrator made an error in calculating this months “emergency funding” – emergency because the city has not yet adopted its 2007 budget – and did not allow for sufficient payroll funds. Evidently, there are three payrolls to be made this month. The business administrator had only allowed for two. The numbers were reworked and the council voted to accept. That’s it. Over and done with by 6:03pm.




Can anyone make this?