Reader Mail: Fitzgibbons

411 doesn’t have an opinion about the recent bit in the news about Freeholder Maurice Fitzgibbons bouncing a $30 check to the City of Hoboken. Hudson County politics is sometimes just too much to deal with. You can only do so much, you know?

However, a reader does have an opinion. Does anyone else have anything to say about this? Do you care?

He writes:
“Fitzgibbons, an entrenched politico and big Campos supporter, collects a $40k contract from the School Board and can’t pay $30 bucks for the Hoboken Spaghetti Dinner last summer? He’s allegedly known for this all over town. He also employs Carmelo Garcia, who was recently reprimanded. Maurice has a PR firm that supposedly gets biz from J. Wiley, and all sorts of contracts that Roberts and the HCDO channel his way. His last PR firm “Campbell & Fitzgibbons” went bust so Roberts hired Campbell as his spokesman to make Maurice happy.

They have tons of debt.”

I guess my only opinion is that he has really sloppy handwriting.

fitzgibbons check - Reader Mail: Fitzgibbons

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Friday, April 4, 2008 12:27 pm

Three candidates ?

I was only aware of one, Ines.
Last I heard, no one was wanting to back Maurice again and he certainly has not done a “bang up job” for Hoboken.

Friday, April 4, 2008 10:44 am

THE FREEHOLDER handles part of the 35 MILLION dollars that go to the COUNTY from our taxes..THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR
1. Columbus Park which the County is supposed to own, last I heard.
2. THE ROADS which everybody is complaining about because the POTHOLES are ruining cars and tripping people up.

Their web page is interesting. COUNTY EXECUTIVES and thier jobs and which titles they hold. One of the main complaints here is that the county should provide better services than what they do with our money.

I am not A FINANCIAL EXPERT but I can and will vote for A FREEHOLDER who WILL BE ACCOUNTABLE for HOBOKEN’s SHARE of the
TAXES taken out by the county.

Someone with EXPERIENCE dealing with this end of it.
and no RHODODENDRONS from the office of the MAYOR…
I decided this YEAR to SIGN EVERYONE’s petition and let them duke it out by their participation, suggestions, and energy for this HOBOKEN that I STILL LOVE…WHOEVER wins is going to do a bang up JOB or will be held accountable….There are THREE CANDIDATES as far as I know and I am signing every petition for anybody who thinks that they can do SOME GOOD with our TAX MONEY…..

MAY THE BEST ONE WIN….and that includes the COMMITTEEPEOPLE who are hardworking on the upcoming elections to get a FAIR VOTE…



Wednesday, January 9, 2008 6:23 am

I think you are mixing your metaphors regarding the “four amigos” Cammarano, (who has become more independent every day) Campos who is out of the loop, Labruno (who has her very own political ambitions and Maurice Fitzgibbons- who is in charge of the Coming Elections by way of the Committeepeople, of which I am one. I see all of these people, that does not mean I am a ROBERTS supporter. Cammarano has done some very good things in this ward as a COUNCILMAN at LARGE, Campos has been inactive as far as I know up here, LaBruno is attending all of the Council Committees and putting her all in and does the work involved (that is a LOT OF MEETINGS AND INPUT). and Maurice just held a meeting last month for the Committee people to set us up for the next ELECTION (February 5)…. That is a lot of phone calls, work, time and effort to organize groups of fifty or more people to work the elections. He does not tell us who to vote for but we do take a vote. A previous letter explains that clearly. I like being a COMMITTEE WOMAN for this ward. It gets a lot done by being able to work with people in charge. There is no pay involved, no perks, no freebees….The payoff is better government and smoother elections with a lack of fraud and a clearer vote. When I put the letter in the reporter asking for ID to make the… Read more »

Monday, February 12, 2007 7:34 pm

This was for the spaghetti and meatball dinners in Sinatra Park. It was $10 per person and Maurice brought along two guests. I happened to attend the event that why I know. LMAO. Maybe one of the guess was Cammarano, they are very good friends.
Than you have the DWI poster boy Campos from the administration who thinks he did nothing wrong. Moreover, his friend LaBruno who writes a letter to the editor being proud of Councilman Campos.
The four amigos Cammarano, Campos, Labruno and Fitzgibbons are all part of the Roberts team and are all good friends. It is the same story with the Roberts Administration. They think they could get away with anything and that no ones watching the store

Monday, February 12, 2007 2:47 pm

More douchebaggery from associates of Campos…is anyone really that surprised?

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