Reporter Roundup 2/12/2007

suggestion-box-shredder.jpgContinuing the ongoing series covering our local paper, The Hoboken Reporter.

What stood out this week?

  • 411 publishes all sorts of random entries seven days a week (including links to other news sources), and I don’t really care if the reporter (or any other paper or website) covers the same stories. It’s a small city. But I’m just wondering if they “get ideas” from here. Like the upcoming Council elections. Is it just simple irony that 411 had previous election results, ward maps, and an announcement of a new candidate a week ago, and that’s now a front page story?
  • Regarding the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Mayor Roberts had a quarter-page “letter to the council” on page 5, as well as the identical piece in the letters to the editor. I am 100% certain that if Councilman Chris Campos didn’t get busted for DWI a few weeks ago, he would have mentioned DWI checkpoints in his letter as well. But it’s completely absent. Last year, there were already seven auto accidents before noon in Hoboken! I guess DWI is now allowed?
  • I think the story about Jersey City hookers was published in the wrong paper.
  • A whimsical piece on dating. I’m just surprised that “almost everyone” found that dating is “complicated”. I don’t agree. It’s simple: If you like the other person, you hang out with them when you can, if you don’t, you stop.
  • One “malcontent” reader wrote in indicating that it is somehow wrong to write letters to the editor, whether it’s about dog poop or misuse of public funds. I disagreed with his viewpoint. There is a time and a place for everything, including face-to-face conversations. But sometimes you need to understand the power of media (both print and online). Sure you can solve many problems in person, but getting the word out to the rest of the world is often much more effective and longer lasting.
  • Since this series started, Mayor Roberts has always had a picture for a grand opening, ribbon cutting or something similar. Make this three weeks in a row, with the Hoboken University Medical Center “Ownership Ceremony”. Is that a requirement each week?

Anything else worth noting?

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[thanks so change owned to started

Guess he had to raise money to pay his legal fees and fines…still run by same politically connected management

Joseph Barry, the former majority owner of the Hudson Reporter newspaper chain, has sold his share to longtime partners Lucha Malato and David Unger.
Malato, who became the paper’s general manager shortly after its founding in 1983, has been a partner since 1984. Unger joined the chain as the advertising director in 1985 and became a partner later that year. The two now share ownership.



[wrong: the person youre referring to Sold it 7 years ago!

you can post anything on the internet for your own reasons and people will believe it]

ps all newspapers started in teh last century had to be started by people with money


[Hoboken Reporter owned by a convicted felon!

prevent global warming go with Hoboken 411!]


I liked “See Hookers Page 9”