Multi parking concerns

2/17/2007 Update:

A couple things to note here:

1) The Multi-Service center is having a flea-market today between 9am – 5pm. All proceeds benefit the Rubiel Mercado Memorial Fund. Rubiel was a star Hoboken baseball player who tragically died last October in Alabama. If you’re in the neighborhood, please stop by and check it out.

2) However, parking will be rough. No Parking signs were posted 21 hours prior to the restricted time period (7:00am – 6pm). For those parked on Grand Street between First and Second, you better move your vehicles!

3) This brings up an interesting point. First of all, is that enough notice to warn residents? Is it fair? Secondly, is this no parking for the flea market? Is it reserved for customers? Street cleaning? Why does the street have no parking is my point. In this weather, parking is already at a premium, it’s not an outdoor flea-market, so we just don’t understand why. Help us out HPD!

4) John Corea again signed these “No Parking” signs. I noted in the 1/17/2007 Council meeting preview that there were going to be some updates to the city code that addressed “Emergency and Temporary Regulations” to allow the parking utility director to have the ability to authorize these signs. It turns out they eventually approved him to be authorized to hang the signs.

Here’s the city code to review. It’s only updated as of 2005, however.


Several readers wrote in to inquire about this parking anomaly over by the Multi-Service Center at 124 Grand Street. They indicated this is one of the WORST double-parking areas in town, and the signs are misleading and contradicting.

For instance, there are signs that say “No Parking 9am – 9pm” but cars constantly line the street during that time. And most of the time it’s two rows of cars/vans. Why do they post these “no parking” signs? So residents don’t park there, but city workers can? If that’s the case, the signs should say “official parking only” or something to that effect. Additionally, along second street another row of “no parking” signs had recently been installed.

While I was investigating, there were city vehicles double-parked, and the Senior Citizen mini-bus was blocking the cross-walk. What’s going on here?


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411: Any news on the parking lot at 7th & Adams. I see the entire lot is now empty. Must be at least 50 – 70 spots. Do you know what is going in there or who the developere is?


On the city-workers-don’t-have-to-follow-the-rules front, for the last three days a Hoboken city van, marked “Carpentry Division” has been parked within inches of the intersection at Newark and Bloomfield, arguably one of the most dangerous intersections in the city. When traveling north on Bloomfield trying to cross the intersection, you can’t see the cars heading West on Newark at all because of this van being parked well beyond the white-painted line on the yellow curb. The cabs come flying down Newark from the PATH train and I’ve had many near-misses at this intersection (my sister wasn’t so lucky and was involved in a serious cab-related accident here) even without my view being block by a city van.

Hey, City Hall, if you’re listening/reading. Move that van before someone gets killed!


Does anyone know whether alternate side parking is in effect tomorrow, February 19? I can’t find the answer anywhere. Thanks in advance.