Hudson Street gas leak

Just heard about this and am still trying to figure out what happened. But it sounded as if there was some kind of street or sidewalk collapse, and “exposed gas lines with an odor”. Fire dept is there now, and PSE&G is expected by 1:00am. This is on Hudson Street between 9th and 10th Streets.

Will Hoboken ever just sink into the river?

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maybe you just answered my question about the PATH smelling like ass


Hoboken has a combined sewer system which means all storm water has to get treated at the treatment plant. Back in the day everything used to just dump in the river. That’s why the storm drains smell so bad sometimes.

Hoboken is a way cooler place to harbor aliens than Bayonne!


[quote comment=”13478″]i think alien ships are about to rise out of the ground.
Someone wrote that the sewer system in Hoboken is super old. Is the undergroeund of the city finally starting to give way?[/quote]

Almost everything is really old in Hoboken.. It would be nice to spend some of our tax dollars to upgrade…
Several years ago, a huge chunk of Washington street collapsed into the tunnel beneath it.. Like a giant sinkhole… If you can see the pictures of that, they are great…


“War of the Worlds” remake with Tom Cruise, eh?


pardon my typing. Slinking at work