Hoboken Week in Review 2/11/2007

hoboken snowsm - Hoboken Week in Review 2/11/2007A possible snow storm this week will just add to the list of things to complain about in Hoboken.

What was discussed last week?

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News, items of importance:

  • 4th Ward – Dawn Zimmer announces her candidacy for Council.
  • Reprimanded – Some things are considered unethical.

Town Government:

  • Election Stuff – General election info. Please get out and vote this year!
  • Previous Results – Dissatisfied with the current city government? Look at these results and see why.
  • Pow-Wow – See what happened at the last City Council meeting.
  • A little safer – Took the city long enough to finally make one intersection less hazardous.
  • But not as safe – Yet others are still riddled with problems.
  • HUMC – More about the $52 million dollar fiasco, and what you won’t see.
  • Had Enough! – Council President abstains from the job this year.


  • Drunken Mayhem – St. Patrick’s Day is already making me queasy.
  • Color me red – A fun (and snowy) Valentine’s Day event for kids!
  • Old Skool – The 1970’s exhibit plugs along at the Historical Museum.
  • Into The Woods – Now playing at the DeBaun Auditorium.
  • V-Day – He said “Vagina”.

New or Coming Soon:

  • Harrison Market – SW Residents are relieved they don’t have to walk a mile to buy milk.
  • Jubilee – NYC shoe store has a Hoboken address now.

Doomed or closing soon:

  • A quiet week in the doomed department.


Fun, Games and Miscellaneous stuff:

Notable incidents, crimes, fires:

  • DUI is an epidemic – More reckless and drunk driving. It wasn’t a councilman, so he’s gonna be in BIG trouble.

Recent Town Incidents:

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