Hoboken Farms Big Red Sauce

Hoboken Farm Big Red Sauce – Perfect Gift Idea

This holiday season, some people may send “gifts” from Hoboken, like post cards, memorabilia or other kind of “worthless” crap. While “cute,” they’re nowhere near as useful as sending something EDIBLE like a long-shelf-life jar of Hoboken Farms Sauce!

Now shipping in “frustration-free” packaging!”

What’s best about sending a jar, two or 12 of Hoboken Farms sauce to anyone this Christmas Season is that your recipients will be able to enjoy what REAL sauce tastes like for a long period of time!! Imagine one of your relatives lives in a shoddy place like Illinois? What kind of garbage do they eat there? LOTS!

Just do the right thing and make people in the rest of the (un) civilized world whole again!

Hoboken Farms Big Red Sauce now available online

12/13/2013 Update:

Good new for sauce lovers! Hoboken Farms has now made their award-winning “Big Red” marinara sauce available online!

“Hoboken Farms is proud to announce the opening their new on-line store. Just go to www.hobokenfarms.net and their BIG RED MARINARA SAUCE can now be sent as great Hoboken holiday gifts. If you order a case today you will receive 10% off and a FREE jar.”

This sauce also came out top-rated in the Wall Street Journal, as well as a big endorsement from Cake Boss Buddy Valastro.

Even if you’re a professional chef or just eat out at restaurants, it’s good to have in the cupboard!

Hoboken Farms Big Red Marinara Sauce online store - Hoboken Farms Big Red Sauce

Hoboken Farms: Best jar of sauce ever!


Many of you know and love Hoboken Farms for their awesome stand at the Uptown Hoboken Farmers Market. Fresh Mutz, Balthazar’s Bread, and much more.

But did you know that Hoboken Farms now makes and sells what myself (and many MANY others) believe to be the hands-down best jar of marinara sauce in the world?

“Big Red” is the name, and you’ll never ever think about jarred sauce the same way again. Incredible zest, perfect consistency – and made with no sugar added. The subtle sweetness is achieved by cooking the onions until they become caramelized. It’s made in small “micro batches” and each batch may be slightly different, but equally delicious since it’s all made with the same recipe.

Big Red Sauce is available exclusively at Whole Foods or at one of many markets the Hoboken Farms participates in year-round.

Mad props: Hoboken Farms wins ADDY award!

Besides the taste… the Hoboken Farms Big Red packaging won an ADDY Award (from the American Advertising Federation out of Nashville, TN).

Owner Brad Finkel enlisted the help of Bob Delevante to design the label for his sauce – and was quickly selected as a winner for the Local Packaging Division category for the 2010 ADDY Awards! Way to go!

Hoboken Farms Big Red Sauce wins ADDY Award for best packaging design Nashville - Hoboken Farms Big Red Sauce

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Mrs. L
Mrs. L
Wednesday, February 2, 2011 1:13 pm

Once you try it, you want to buy it by the case. 😀

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