Valentines Day Nor`easter

2/13/2007 Update:

I’ll admit it. I’m a bit of a weather aficionado or whatever _________ (insert insult there) you want to call me. But I love reading what these coffee-swigging meteorologists write on their websites. They get really fascinated and excited about such complex weather events like hurricanes, nor’easters and blizzards. They often fight with one another and get all defensive about their predictions.

dangerous-winter-weather-hoboken.jpgFor this particular storm, as of 3am Tuesday, the trend now amongst forecasters is that it’s going to be colder than they originally thought. The Fox 5 guy, an Accuweather blogger, and the guy that Hoboken411 reader “homeworld” commented (The Foot) are all kind of seeing the same thing happening. I’ll check back again later this morning. But the Accuweather hourly forecast (as of 3am) believes some light snow will start between 5pm-8pm here in Hoboken, then towards Wednesday morning, will be pretty icy. So plan your travel accordingly. I had some extensive driving planned on Wednesday, but now I’m thinking twice.

To quote forecaster “The Foot” on his synopsis for Wednesday:
“TRAVEL…yeah, okay. You’ll be traveling from the living room to the kitchen back to the living room.” And he goes on to say:
“The extent of this monster is enormous even at this early stage, there’s a long way to go before it’s over, and a lot is going to happen along the way. We can agree on this much: Something Wicked This Way Comes.”

Accuweather’s official forecast (as of Monday night) warned:
“The heavy snow in the Northeast interior and the mix of snow and sleet along the I-95 corridor could result in major travel problems in the region. Motorists should be prepared for snow-covered and icy roads and should keep an emergency kit in a vehicle, especially if travel through isolated areas is being planned.”

What do you think will happen? Do you have any contingency plans?

I love a good snow storm. Will this be anything substantial? Or just a “I’ll believe it when I see it” situation?

This may be one of the only ways I’ll actually enjoy Valentine’s Day this year.


From Accuweather:

A major winter storm is in the cards for the Northeast this Valentine’s Day after a storm moves up the coastline, rapidly intensifying at the same time. The storm will first spread a swath of accumulating snow from the northern High Plains to the Ohio Valley Monday into Tuesday, which the previous headline discusses. Snow will also reach areas from southwestern Pennsylvania to northern Virginia Monday night. With the storm just off the coast, snow will become widespread across the Northeast Tuesday night before continuing into Valentine’s Day. Continue to check back with for the latest on this storm as snowfall totals will be significant with the highest amounts coming in at over a foot! In addition to blowing snow, residents across the Northeast will have to be prepared for numerous travel delays and likely school closings.

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Reminds me of one morning a couple years ago when I was taking the bus to work thru downtown Paterson. It was a snowy day, and a nice new SUV slid right through a stop sign at a cross street and ended up in front of the bus. Scruffy-looking day-laborer guy on the bus says “dag, &^$% idiots, man, it’s 4-wheel drive, not 4-wheel stop”

kooky kat

Slackers of the world, get to work! What a f**king JOKE!


Nor’easter? Hardly. Guess all the maps and forecasting you can have don’t mean a thing…that was a nice, light dusting. 😛