Spot Street Cleaning Continues

1/29/2011 Update:

More snow cleanup in Hoboken

Hoboken411 reader Brian sent in this collection of photos from this morning’s snow cleanup on Washington between 8th and 9th Streets.

The snow is being dumped uptown near 17th and Clinton Streets. HPD was instructed to “double check the area to ensure homeless people weren’t sleeping” up there, too!

Don’t forget about tomorrow – you shouldn’t park on 4th Street!

See yesterday’s update after the jump…


Nip & Tuck; Shovel & Plow in Hoboken

Crews were all over the map in Hoboken today – “mending” the snowy situation across the Mile Square.

Interestingly, so many cars did not move their cars for “street cleaning” (on Hudson Street at least) that the city decided to just use manpower (such as the Fire Department) – to hand-shovel some spots that were vacant. From what I saw – no summonses were issued. Other folks on the street said otherwise – but I didn’t witness it personally. Additionally, if there was a stretch of open parking spots – a plow pushed the snow into big piles.

Many spots on Washington were cleared up – with massive mountains of snow collected on several street corners… You might want to say they’re “corner piles,” and really should be cleaned up – because it’s the equivalent of having a massive SUV blocking the view of oncoming traffic – but what can you do.

Pray to the weather Gods that we don’t get a big storm next week!

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Saturday, January 29, 2011 11:48 am

City employee thank you!! If it wasn’t for him getting his jeep with a plow on it, to move the boulders that had been piled up behind my car (parked on corner & diagonal spot on 4th) I physically would not have been able to shovel my car out by tomorrow. Must give props where due for all the grief they get sometimes.

Friday, January 28, 2011 8:46 pm

Couldn’t add comment to more emergency plowing item: Way to go Hobo…thanks for soo much advance notice that my car on 1st or 3rd will be ticketed/towed if I can not get it shoveled out by 9am! Just got the reverse call about it. Am I supposed to go out now in the dark and stand in the street shoveling? I am actually parked on 4th so I guess shovelling is my new plan for tomorrow… wasn’t going to until Sun. but feel bad for those parked on 1st and 3rd. More notice should have been given..

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