Slippery February Ice Storm

2/2/2011 Update:

See comments for latest Hoboken411 weather updates… nasty stuff!

Exercise Caution in Hoboken: Slippery goings!

What a nightmare in Hoboken. My three hour walking tour around town was no easy task. Even sidewalks that looked safe, were still extremely slippery – even after being treated with salt.

One maintenance person at an uptown condo building said no matter how much he salted – it froze over quickly. We’ll see what tomorrow brings with slightly warmer temps and potentially heavy rain.

Some weather forecasters are concerned about Wednesday night – indicating that a rapid re-freeze may occur – causing all surfaces, including those that were treated – to become slippery and treacherous.

So be very careful this week!

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Please not another big storm!

Weather forecasters are naming this next weather event the “Groundhog Day Storm” and once again the potential exists for some sloppy, annoying, disruptive weather for mid-next week.

If we get another one like we had this week – I may have to add an additional month to this poll which was published a while ago:

[poll id=”146″]

Snow, Snow go away, go away and STAY away!

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I’m lucky they let us go early from work today. A lot of accidents out there.