Hoboken Snow Puzzle: Find the Shovelers!


Snow in Hoboken – as annoying as it is – can produce some more humorous items…

Privileged contractor goes all out with shoveling

Hoboken411 reader Cyclewag was mystified by this scene over near 10th and Hudson Streets yesterday, and said:

“How many men with shovels does it take to shovel out the average property in Hoboken? (Yes, a trick question)

However, if you who live at 931 Hudson Street then it takes 10 guys!

Do you recall Highlights Magazine when we were kids, there was a black/white illustration search game in every issue.. how about your own game?”

Can you circle all 10 men in the photo?

How many shovelers in this hoboken nj picture - Hoboken Snow Puzzle: Find the Shovelers!

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I’m counting 11.

6 in front. 2 in the middle. 1 top right. And 2 on the top left…(one guy in tan and one in black).

In any event, they look they are doing a sloppy job. Who’s the foreman on this project?


I need (well not really since I can do it myself) 1 of those guys to dig out my car…I wonder if the post it shoveler is out for this storm…