Amy Regan: Goldhawk


Not sure what to do tonight?

Interesting singer/songwriter is playing Tonight at 9pm at Goldhawk. Amy Regan described her sound as a mix between Joni Mitchell and Fiona Apple. The event is free and her bio is below. Check out her myspace page for more info:

Bio: Amy Regan

Amy Regan cannot remember her life without song. Her childhood was spent falling in love with Disney and Rogers & Hammerstein classics and singing inadvertantly everywhere she went. She began classical vocal training at age 11 and soon after began teaching herself piano. At age 13 she became infected with the need to write her own music, and began taking guitar lessons with the goal of singing and performing original material. She quickly became a prolific songwriter, performed in coffeehouses at age 15, and recorded her first album with an 8-track in her basement the same year. She has since then been dedicated to developing her craft as a singer, songwriter, and musician, taking influence from the lyrical integrity of folk musicians Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, the classic melodic and harmonic beauty of songs by George Gershwin and Cole Porter, and the vocal prowess of Eva Cassidy and Ella Fitzgerald. Her interesting combination of influences creates a sound that is comforting in its sincerity and soothing in its natural beauty.


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