What Next? (746 Park Avenue)


What will survive at Park & 8th?

The corner of 8th and Park in Hoboken is kind of a sad corner that needs some life injected in it.

On one side, you have the forever “coming soon” Black Tea Optional – and on the other (where the Mongolian Restaurant Gobi Grill once stood many years ago), you have the former home of Park Avenue Grill, which just sits there vacant month after month. About the only changes you’ll see is some new graffiti peppered onto the establishment from time to time.

What does this neighborhood need? What would survive in this economy? With those rental rates?

What next for 8th and Park in Hoboken NJ - What Next? (746 Park Avenue)

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011 12:23 pm

Having known several of the businesses who rented there the 2 generation family of owners have made it very difficult for any business to stay long term. I do not know the details.

About Park Pastries, after the WTC attack 35% of the customers were lost in the attack. With tunnels being closed to vans in the first weeks and then strick time schedules so deliveries could not be made till late morning more business was lost. Park Pastries was sold to a competor and was obsorb.

At the time Park Pastries had over 25 employees in a 4 story commercial baking facility in Union City and delivered with 75 miles. It original stated at Park Ave. with 4 people.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 12:22 am

The primary reason nothing is gonna ever get opened in this location is because the owner / landlord is a complete asshole that has run every single business out of there with lies and misrepresentations including having the previous renters whom own Mr. Wraps do a complete renovation on the property on their dime before screwing them over and voiding their lease shortly after the work was done. Its not about money, the owner is a millionaire many times over and even screwed over numerous property owners in the area for kicks over the years.

As for the Tea joint that is a champagne wish coming from someone with beer pockets!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 7:17 pm

Before Mongolian, it was Park Pastry, which I miss. Their move to Washington Street maybe doomed Park Pastry (which, after all, was no longer *Park* Pastry) as well as dooming the space they vacated.

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