Maxwell’s Bar & Restaurant – Finally Goodbye

Maxwell’s to close for good in Hoboken

After that “stunt” Maxwell’s at 11th & Washington played back at the end of July 2013 – with their big, sad “farewell” party – only to re-open again (sans music), we considered them “dead” in reality. To get everyone up in arms about their closing kind of took the oomph out of the whole situation.

Now while we understand it was probably for economic reasons to keep the bar open until it was officially taken over – perhaps they could have organized the whole thing better. Who knows.

But word on the street is that Sunday, January 26th will “officially” be their last day open. “All booze must go.” So if you want to say a “Goodbye, again” to Maxwell’s – be sure you head over there. Otherwise carry on.

Maxwells Hoboken NJ final farewell Sunday January 26 2014 - Maxwell's Bar & Restaurant - Finally Goodbye

“Maxwell’s” location now hiring… Hmmm.

9/3/2013 Update:

I’ve heard a lot of buzz regarding the former Maxwell’s location. That one, it will reopen under the same name. Or that two, one of the former owners will re-open it. And many more.

Either way – there are signs in the windows that they’re looking for “experienced bartenders & servers” – and the email address is Who knows what that is.

help wanted Maxwells Hoboken NJ - Maxwell's Bar & Restaurant - Finally Goodbye

FINAL Maxwell’s Memory from Hoboken, NJ – July 31, 2013

7/31/2013 Update:

The night started out quiet at 4pm when the Maxwell’s Closing Block Party opened, but quickly turned into a jam-packed flip-flop-fest! Many hundreds of revelers came to mill around at this event tonight. Even those that were happy to see it go, strangely enough. We’ll get into that at a later date.

There you have it. The show is over, the history book has ended (this chapter at least), and life will continue tomorrow.

Goodbye Maxwell’s!

Maxwell’s Final Farewell Block Party in Hoboken, NJ

Well, tonight’s the night: Maxwell’s last night as a music venue, bar and restaurant in Hoboken, NJ. And to commemorate the closing of this legendary spot, they’re throwing a goodbye block party today starting at 4pm. The south side of 11th Street will be closed between Washington and Hudson so patrons can bid farewell to the establishment after many decades.

Nearby residents and fans of Maxwell’s are unsure of what the turnout will be, but some say it could easily exceed 1,000 people. It’s already a “media spectacle,” with many local “news” stations preparing their b-roll footage in time for the evening news segment. Others I spoke with seem to think it may get hectic enough to close both sides of the street. We’ll see how that turns out.

And the weather tomorrow will be fitting as well. With heavy rain and thunder expected to mark a post-Maxwell’s Hoboken.

Maxwells Farewell Block Party Hoboken NJ July 31 2013 - Maxwell's Bar & Restaurant - Finally Goodbye

Abandoning Hoboken: Maxwell’s Closing

6/3/2013 Update:

Rumors have been swirling around since the beginning of the year here in Hoboken, that “legendary” music venue, bar & restaurant Maxwell’s (11th & Washington) was going to close down. Well – at the end of July 31, 2013 – Maxwell’s will indeed be gone forever.

It appears once again, that greedy landlords have forced another business out, as owner Todd Abramson cited that as the main reason for deciding not to renew the much higher rent lease this year. He also cited that “Hoboken has changed,” probably meaning that strollers and screaming toddlers wouldn’t want to pay cover for a band that plays original music anyway.

Earlier this year, other rumors floating around were that Maxwell’s was considering moving to nearby Jersey City, but that probably won’t happen. Luckily for music lovers in Hoboken, they can always head over to NYC to catch original acts.

Maxwells closing in Hoboken NJ July 31 2013 - Maxwell's Bar & Restaurant - Finally Goodbye




Description – Famous place known for its live music , bar, restaurant. Entrée price range $10-$18.
Services –
Bar, Restaurant, Live Music, Sunday Brunch
Website –
Address –
1039 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-5201
Telephone –
(201) 798-0406,(201) 653-1703

Maxwells%20Grill - Maxwell's Bar & Restaurant - Finally Goodbye

October 2006 Update:

maxwells%20ext%20night - Maxwell's Bar & Restaurant - Finally Goodbye

A few of us decided to swing by Maxwells for a quick Sunday bite to eat and to listen to Mike from DC’s Tavern spin a few records.

As always, the food here is consistent and was very tasty. Without getting into too much detail about the food, we ordered Calamari and buffalo wings as appetizers, and a burger, chicken sandwich and skirt steak as entrees. All were delicious and didn’t leave us dissapointed whatsoever. Reliable as always. You can read more from the first review back in April below.

One thing that needs to be noted. The mysterious yellow “hot sauce” that accompanied the buffalo wings was the hottest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth in Hoboken. It had to be habanero pepper-based or worse. I love spicy foods, and this just made me melt. I asked 4 people there what was in it, and no one knew. They said it was the chef’s “secret” recipe. He wasn’t there so I couldn’t find out. As messy as I got after eating it, I’ll do it all over again. Addictive.
maxwells hot wings 1006 - Maxwell's Bar & Restaurant - Finally Goodbye
maxwells hottest sauce ever 1006 - Maxwell's Bar & Restaurant - Finally Goodbye
maxwells calamari 1006 - Maxwell's Bar & Restaurant - Finally Goodbye
maxwells cheeseburger 1006 - Maxwell's Bar & Restaurant - Finally Goodbye
maxwells chicken sandwich 1006 - Maxwell's Bar & Restaurant - Finally Goodbye
maxwells skirt steak 1006 - Maxwell's Bar & Restaurant - Finally Goodbye

April 2006 Review:
Decided to have a quick snack on what would really be the last time smoking was allowed in a Hoboken restaurant.

Have you noticed that all the reviews are quick and basic? Well that’s really all you need.

Ok so my friend and I got a seat by the window so we could watch all the disgruntled and miserable commuters walk home from the 126 bus. How come no one has an optimistic, happy or generally content look on their face anymore? It just puzzles me that more and more people nowadays just don’t seem content, or thrilled to be alive. Oh well, end of that rant, and on to the grub we devoured.

Why is it that she always orders salads? I guess you can say the same about me and my sandwiches and fries. Eh.

She ordered the goat cheese + greens salad with an optional blackened chicken breast. The chicken was perfectly spiced and cooked to flavorful perfection. 10% too much chewing required, but that is still within acceptable norms since the flavor was succulent.
maxwells%20goat%20cheese%20salad%20with%20blackened%20chicken%20 - Maxwell's Bar & Restaurant - Finally Goodbye
I had the grilled chicken with avocado sandwich. Seeing as I was going through a bacon withdrawl, I added that as well. Bacon is one of the most important traits in a restaurant that serves it. And this bacon was phenomenal. Not my favorite, but the taste was ideal, although I think they should have left a little more fat. 6.74% too crispy. This sandwich hit the spot so much that I only ate half again. I’ll eat the other half for breakfast tomorrow. The taste of chicken was barely noticeable, which is good when you have powerful crunchy pig slabs on there. It was almost completely unnecessary, actually. I could have put styrofoam coffee cups on my sandwich and not noticed. But I needed the protein.
grilled%20chicken%20avocado%20bacom%20sandwich - Maxwell's Bar & Restaurant - Finally Goodbye
Overall, we’ve always liked the food at Maxwells. The menu is simple, yet tasty. The shepard’s pie used to be my favorite, but it got monotonous after a while. Never again, in fact. Done with that. Met the lifetime quota. The chicken pot pie is to die for and has an unlimited quota. Give it a shot one day, you shouldn’t be disappointed. Oh, and they serve nice GIANT pints of Guiness, and I have to say I like them as cold as they serve them.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013 11:22 am

According to WINS news today, David Post stated that Maxwell’s wil be open ONLY as a bar and restaurant until a new owner can be found.

Reply to  whineanddineinhob
Wednesday, September 4, 2013 5:43 pm

The same owners that sold out to Target and Justin Timberlake for a commercial? [quote comment=”221540″]According to WINS news today, David Post stated that Maxwell’s wil be open ONLY as a bar and restaurant until a new owner can be found.[/quote]

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 5:51 pm

Saw Dave Post there today with a clip board and a table set up in the front room to interview applicants.

Thursday, August 1, 2013 12:57 am

Thank you for the real Maxwell’s stories Hoboken411! And a double-thank you for not getting involved with HASHTAGS and other garbage social media. Such a phony shortcut for real life. I’m starting to get your disdain for technology. My husband the same. We wonder what tangible value it brings.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 4:54 pm

An Osh Kosh would be PERFECT!!! The lot might even be big enough for a new play space for our beloved wee folk !! 🙂 🙂

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 3:37 pm

The stroller moms will be dancing in the street when this becomes an OshKosh B’gosh store.

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