Hoboken police and fire blotter: 2/13/2011

Hoboken crime and fire action: February 13, 2011

Various noteworthy incidents, crimes and fire-calls throughout the day for Sunday, February 13, 2011. This post may be updated and “bumped” periodically.

  • 5:00pm – 7:00pm: Evening Debacles in the Mile Square
    Never a shortage of mini-crisis in on Hoboken. Some noteworthy, but not breaking incidents included: a “hazardous condition” that required PSE&G to cap a gas line to an apartment because HFD ran out of plugs, a Fresh Direct nincompoop who left like 20 boxes of groceries in the middle of the street, and tons of lazy drivers who’ve placed their cars in precarious spots that have impeded traffic flow around town.
  • 4:10pm: Kids smash windshield of moving car
    A driver near 3rd & Willow had his car struck by an iceball thrown by one of three juveniles causing trouble. They ran northbound on Willow before the driver lost sight of them. Reported to be two white males and one Hispanic male.
  • 3:30pm: Parked Car Struck
    11th & Jefferson. Moving car strikes parked car. Apparently some kind of bad pothole situation going on there (and everywhere else in Hoboken…)
  • 2:45pm: DOA
    An individual living at 220 Adams St. on the 4th floor was “unconscious and unresponsive.” When Hoboken EMS arrived, the person was pronounced DOA.

More updates to come…

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