Water Cooler 2/7/2007

water-cooler-hoboken.jpgMore “best comments” of the past week.

Here’s some highlights:

  • Armed Robbery – Adams St.
    whitelightning says: “Hey Campos, Your constituents are getting frisky. Get off the sauce and do something moron!”
  • St Patrick’s Day Parade
    wiseone says: “I think this year it should be interesting with all the smokers coming in and out of the bars and in turn being rowdy on the street.”
  • Reader Mail: Street Cleaning
    potatochip says: “mcdonalds needs to burn down. my front door is on the ‘mcdonalds back to the hood’ stretch and i’m so tired of opening my door to filet of fish wrappers and nugget boxes.”
  • Reader Mail: Sybil’s Cave
    westy says: “Very very few of Mayor Roberts promises ever materialize. Hope he keeps his promise to not seek re-election.”
  • Downtown Redevelopment Battles Continue
    Tonys says: “When they go after Roberts, Roberts changes his “Depends” several times a day..”
  • Empire Fitness Clubs
    gordongekko says: “Biggest crooks you could ever encounter.”
  • Joey’s BBQ
    southernyupster says: “Man, that meat just falls off the bone. You can literally stick a wing in your mouth and suck out all the juicy meat.”

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007 12:59 pm

I think nihil should be on the water cooler list with this one on Hoboken Shanty Town.

“Good lord, did I log on to the Dr. Phil chat room by accident?”

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