Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets: 1/24/2011


Jets Mania Deflated as Steelers roll

If you watched yesterdays AFC Championship game between the Jets and the Steelers – you knew something was wasn’t right for Gang Green. Pittsburgh’s game plan in the first half worked perfectly, and New York recovered a little too late to matter. The runs by Rashard Mendenhall were quite amazing to watch.

Congrats again to Hoboken411 reader Uptown2009 for coming the closest in the “Pick the score” contest – predicting that the Steelers would win 22-17.

Midweek Weather Issues

Just a friendly reminder to keep your eyes on the potential mid-week winter storm that may affect the Hoboken area. Forecasters (and the associated computer models) are having quite a tough time nailing the outcome of this weather event. Still much disparity as to what, where and how much. Stay tuned to find out if we’re in for a big daddy or not.

Fitness Guru Jack LaLanne expires at a ripe 96

A pioneer of the fitness world – Jack LaLanne died this weekend of complications resulting from pneumonia. You gotta love that story, how Doctors back in the day said that “working out would give you heart attacks and a lowered sex drive,” and how Jack wooed viewers by including his dog “Happy” doing tricks. Hmmm – I knew I was on to something when Oscar became the 411 Mascot!

R.I.P. Jack!

Gold Price Suppression Explained (via cartoon)

I’d suspect that most folks out there aren’t paying attention to global economics and what drives everything you buy these days.

However, for the select few that do – will get a kick out of this xtranormal video (you can add any words, script you want – quite hilarious actually). It explains why certain commodities (like Gold) are kept artificially low on purpose.

Are you preparing yourself for what might potentially come to your backyard sooner rather than later?

Enjoy your day Hoboken!

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have the rent control amendments been released yet before tonights meeting?