Carmelo Garcia’s wrist is slapped

Board of Education member Carmelo Garcia was “reprimanded” for his violation of the School Ethics Act back in 2005.

Word on the street is he’s also about to get a big directors job over at the Housing Authority.

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Carmelo Garcia this is your life. 😯


“REPRIMANDED” If you find found guilty too strong a term.


Again, the document itself is comedy. Its crony rationalization at its finest.

This guy votes to employ his brother and award a contract to his boss, Maurice Fitzgibbons- and because these two things “happened at around the same time”- he gets a reprimand because he did not have sufficient time to reflect on them. Now that is bullsh*t. Could you imagine this happening in the private sector? You MAY be able to keep your job after one documented ethical infraction if you are a producer and your boss likes you…but two? Only in government. Where the standards should be higher, they are lower. Ridiculous.

I worry about Carmelo Garcia because he’ll be around after Roberts fully retires. He’ll be the next generation of “young Dems” to ride the Hoboken wave til it crests him into a house in Mantiloking.


Don’t know…I guess Hoboken is like a 99 cents store except everything is $52,000,000.00.


. . . why’s everything in Hoboken cost $52 million?