East Coast Storm: How much? A LOT.

1/27/2011 12:13am Update:

Hoboken Winter Storm to end strong!

A quick early morning update for ya’ll – my 45 minute trek around uptown Hoboken with the dog…

  • For one, this storm – at it’s peak (now) is markedly worse than the peak time of the December Blizzard. Harder to see, harder to walk – even though there is less wind.
  • Forecasts say that the heavy “banding” over our area is resulting in more than 2-4″ per hour… it’s feasible that we’ll finally end up with 14-16″ or more by the time it ends..
  • Cleanup for this is going slow in Hoboken. Hardly any plowing at the moment. This storm will require heavier equipment due to the heavy, wet snow. I wonder why the salt trucks weren’t out en force – the way they were with the last mini-storm?
  • Definitely much harder to clean cars out too. This stuff is as heavy as snow can get. I believe we had more moisture with this storm than the blizzard due to the warmer temperatures. If it were 10-15 degrees colder, we would have ended up with well more than 2-3 feet.

Good luck cleaning up later!

(411 Note: When I was out – the snow was falling so fast and furious – it made no sense to shoot more “footage” than this – due to potential equipment damage.)

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1/26/2011 Update:

Snowy Wednesday in store for Hoboken

Forecast “still up in the air…”

The weather system churning up the east coast at the moment will keep weather buffs busy all day today. Below is an extrapolated (simplified) version of the latest NWS forecast (as of 1am):

“Winter storm watch, snow will develop in the early afternoon. Possibility of snow mixing with sleet or rain, especially for eastern areas. Snow could become heavy towards the late evening and overnight hours. Six inches of snow is a realistic possibility. Precipitation should be over by lunch (or sooner) on Thursday.”

PS – the next two events on the “weather calendar” are:

  • A totally different kind of snow possibility around this weekend – coming from Canada (called an “Albert Clipper.”)
  • And another storm from the south for next weekend – that has the potential to bring some rain to our area.


Potential Whopper of storm for Hoboken?

OK – this potential winter storm over the next 3-5 days (which was mentioned as a possibility on the last forecast thread), is generating quite a “buzz” in the weather circles.

Again, most of the computer models are showing a wide-swath of slow-moving energy and moisture set to form off the Carolina coast early in the week, and trudge northward and strengthen.

The “scientific debate” taking place now is typical. “Will it go inland or out to sea?” and “Which areas receive heavy rain, a mix of sleet & ice, or all snow?” Cross you fingers for snow, because a heavy rain storm could be worse for the Mile Square!

General consensus is that *someone* stands a pretty good chance at being socked by *something* mid-week. Will it be Hoboken again? Stay tuned to find out!

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411, did you lose your leash?


Hoboken411- LOVE your site. I moved to Hoboken in Sept and have always lived in a place with easy garage/driveway access. I moved here with a friend who said street parking was easy and cheap and not to worry about finding an apt with a garage. Needless to say, street parking here in the winter has been tough with the snow. Here’s my question: when I’m shoveling my car out, where do I put the snow? I thought spreading it out on the road would work since the plows are coming through and cleaning the road. This morning I went to shovel out my car and got cited by Hoboken police for putting the snow in the road. Where does it go then? Not on the sidewalks?

Any help from the tenured Hoboken residents would be appreciated!


…I think it’s safe to say that all schools in the Hoboken/NYC area should be canceled.