Previous Council Election Results

I’ve been searching for previous Hoboken City Council election results from various places online (like the city website & the Reporter) as well as the Hudson County Clerks office. It would be nice to have all this information in one place for easy access.

Being relatively new to Hoboken politics, I’m assuming the at-large council gets elected along with the Mayor, and the six wards are happening this year. And other special elections take place if someone leaves office for some reason. Please confirm or correct me if I’m wrong.

Here’s the link from the May 11, 2003 Reporter previewing the last elections.

And a link for the results from the May 18, 2003 Reporter.

2003 Wards 1-6 Results:

Other data:
May 2005 Mayoral/At-Large (from Wikipedia):

I noticed this anomaly: Why were some council elections held at the same time as the general election in November, and others in May? The Hudson County records date back to 2001, and I found results for three (ward) council seats. Can someone please fill in the historical details?

3rd Ward: November 2003 (4068 eligible voters, 1513 ballots cast)

4th Ward: November 2001 (4183 eligible voters, 1824 ballots cast)

6th Ward: November 2001 (3863 eligible voters, 1383 ballots cast)

Interesting side-article. Scott Delea had previously mentioned how some people were “getting paid off” to vote for particular candidates.

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How times change. Last time Campos beat his closest challenger by 435 votes. This time he edged Dawn out by only 150.

Beating him on June 12th is realistic if we can sign up enough people before may 22nd.


I agree with JHoboken. Every vote really does count.

H411, do you have a link with a map of Hoboken wards anywhere?


I was told the last 52 million dollars Hoboken School Budget passed by less than ten votes.

Before you can vote you have to register.


What amazes me is how few votes it takes to get elected. This city needs to turn out.