Oz-N-Company Dog Grooming

Oz N Company Dog Grooming

Oz and Company Dog Grooming in Hoboken New Jersey - Oz-N-Company Dog GroomingAt Oz-n-Company we have many services you can select for your pet whether it is a day of pampering at the salon spa at 508 5th street,Hoboken,NJ or the mobile spa unit visiting you and your pet at home.

All of our services are as follows:

  • Salon Spa and Mobile Pet Grooming
  • Pet Sitting
  • Tin Man Sharpening
  • Pet Clothing

Our mobile pet groomer has over 25 year experience and graduated from the New Jersey School of Dog Grooming. In addition, she has owned three grooming shops and has done many different styles of canines ranging from AKC to mixed breeds. In addition, she has also done a wide variety of felines. She has now decided to make this service more convenient to the pet and their owner by coming directly to your home.

Our head of pet sitting has owned 2 boarding kennels in the past. When she used to board pets, many seemed scared and depressed from being in a new place. Animals are creatures of habit, this also includes your pet. They have a habit of knowing where they sleep or where they eat. They also have a habit of feeling safe in their home. We know you cant be with them but we still want to make them feel like you are not that far away, so we keep their routine in check and try to give them as much love as you do.

Oz N Company Dog Grooming Hoboken NJ Oz N Company 5th Street - Oz-N-Company Dog Grooming

Description: Dog grooming, sitting, mobile grooming, clothing and more.
Address: 508 5th Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Web: http://www.oz-n-company.com
Phone: 973-580-4353
Email: thewizard@oz-n-company.com

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