Reporter Roundup 2/5/2007

suggestion-box-shredder.jpgToday is installment two of the ongoing series covering our local paper, The Hoboken Reporter.

Last week’s post was published due to some things that just got under our skin. Thankfully, it seems as if there’s less to complain about this week.

  • It appears they got their act together and kept the letters to the editor more realistic. This week a reader lashed out at Councilwoman LaBruno’s shamless plug of drunk driving Councilman Campos saying he was “shocked” at her attempt to minimize his actions by saying she’s “proud of him”.
  • Some good coverage by Michael Mullins of poor living conditions as well as violent criminal activities by local high school students.
  • The new Hoboken University Medical Center article was objective, but failed to reference any of the community opposition to the $52 million dollar bond.
  • The usual weekly photo-ops by Mayor Roberts.

Again, I briefly breezed over it. Anything else worth pointing out?

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I was happy to see the letter from the son of the guy killed by a drunk driver “lashing out” at LaBruno’s letter. How she can be “proud of” someone who drives drunk is beyond me.

I wonder if LaBruno regrets writing that letter. She sold her soul to play politics. That’s sad.


elvis makes a godo point in that a lot of the letters are about a self-promotion of someone’s own pet project, but that’s where the fault lies – with teh people writing letters, not the reporter. a lot of people i talk to either say their going to write a letter, and then dont, or send one without their name and number, and no newspaper will publish those kinds of letters, not a single one. they can only publish what they get and meets newspaper guidelines. most people who complian about issues in town say their going to write a letter, and then dont and sometimes will instead post on a website where they can get away with more rumors. as weeklies go it is a good paper but people have to read teh stories not just their pet projects and campaigns


its funny, when we first moved here a few years ago we enjoyed the REPORTER. But now that we live here and actually feel like we know something about this town it just seems like the REPORTER is more and more of a crappy rag that gets by by giving constant head to the powers that be. If the REPORTER was really interested in adding to the debate – something media by its very nature should always do – they would expand the Letters to TWO pages, and break out of the formula they are in where the letters are only
1) one person talking about how the school board is really trying hard;
2) a self-promotion for someone’s own pet project/ campaign;
3) a pat on the back to the Mayor or whoever elected official just got accused of some patsy charge when we all know what they REALLY did was much worse;
Maybe once a month we get a letter that actually says somethign. All in all, it’s sad. I think the REPORTER covers politics in Bayonne better than HOB.

Suggestion for 411 – start a PRINT edition – even a humble one – and I bet your ad sales will show that there is room here for more than one print publication.

elvis is now leaving the building before she says something ELSE she might regret later….