Hoboken Snow Event: January 21, 2011


Snowy winter in Hoboken so far! What next?

There are at least three possible winter storms (literally) on the (simulated) radar for the Hoboken area between now and the end of the month. The first of such storms is expected to pass by starting late this Thursday night into Friday afternoon.

Computer models agree that *some* kind of snow will fall – the only debates being exactly how much. Current official forecasts suggest around 4″ or so. While this week’s snow event should pass through relatively quickly (8 hours or so), whatever falls will stay for a while – as a brutal cold wave will punish short-pant lovers for days to come. Greaaat.

As always, read the street signs, and if you have an ounce of common sense – leave your car in a garage.

Hoboken Snow Forecast January 21 2011 - Hoboken Snow Event: January 21, 2011

Next potential storm on tap is for Tuesday-Thursday of next week – and then another around 1/31 or 2/1.

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Angry Bird
Angry Bird
Wednesday, January 19, 2011 11:46 am

If it’s gotta be winter, the whiter the better! I enjoy weather-related disruptions and never understand why people get sick of the snow after a few snowfalls. I can sympathize if your flight to Tahiti got cancelled, but I would much rather be digging my car out or shoveling than sitting at a desk.

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