Trader Joe’s Edgewater

11/5/2007 Update:

(break from the politics)

Just got back from the new Trader Joe’s in Edgewater. They’ve been open for 4 days. Got a weeks worth of food for under $60 bucks.

Things I’ve always liked about TJ’s: Good value, some really interesting products, more healthy choices than a standard supermarket.

What needs improvement: The checkout process, it’s a wreck. The bags, weak and easy to rip. Some packaging is also either hard to open sensibly, or shoddy entirely.

But if anyone wants to join me on my weekly trip there, just email me.

trader joes edgewater now open - Trader Joe's Edgewater
trader joes edgewater now open 3 - Trader Joe's Edgewater
trader joes edgewater now open 4 - Trader Joe's Edgewater
trader joes edgewater now open 5 - Trader Joe's Edgewater

10/5/2007 Update:

Light at the end of the Trader Joe’s tunnel! They’re now hiring, and are in the last phase of building. They hope to be open the first week of November, but they said definitely before Thanksgiving! You can call them at 201-341-3634 if you’d like more info.

See February 2007 update and previous pictures after the jump!

trader joes edgewater oct 4 2007 - Trader Joe's Edgewater

Many local residents love and swear by Trader Joe’s and the food they sell. I think it’s ok, but continually get frustrated with their shoddy packaging. Trying to open a bag of their pretzel nuggets practically guarantees you’ll be sweeping them off the floor soon afterward.

This “coming soon” sign in nearby Edgewater has been up for around eight months. Doesn’t look like it’s coming too soon. Does Al Arezzo have a part-time job as inspector in Edgewater, too? Their “actual time translator” sounds cooler too (EATT).

Anyway, since this is a topic that comes up often, I figured I’d finally create a place-holder in Hoboken411 for readers to discuss (if) once it ever opens.

Description: An empty building, some construction equipment, a porto-johnny and a “coming soon” sign.
Address: near 725 River Road, Edgewater, NJ 07020 (near the Binghampton Ferryboat)
Phone: two soup-cans and some string

trader joes edgewater 2cs - Trader Joe's Edgewater

trader joes edgewatercs - Trader Joe's Edgewater
trader joes edgewater 5 signcs - Trader Joe's Edgewater
trader joes edgewater 4cs - Trader Joe's Edgewater

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