60 Second Review: Pizza Republic Buffalo Chicken


Pizza Republic Buffalo Chicken: Consistently Good!

10 years ago – I don’t recall Buffalo Chicken being offered as a topping at too many pizza restaurants in Hoboken. Now – practically all places have it on the menu.

See Pizza Republic Menu.

One rising star in Hoboken411’s list of reliable pizza parlors is Pizza Republic (406 Washington.) And the pie of choice of course, is the Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

  • Great balance of sauce, cheese, chicken and spice. Not overwhelmingly hot, nor weak.
  • Crust: a winner. One aspect of the crust at Pizza Republic is that it’s consistent, slight crisp, but not dry. Re-heats well too.

I do wish, however that Pizza Republic could improve their bacon topping – as one time in the past few weeks, was highly let down – and will stick with King of Wings Pizza (Weehawken) for my pork fix in the meantime.

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