The Smoke Shop – For Rent

The Smoke Shop for rent in Hoboken, NJ

You know that image they present in movies where some rich douchebag is laughing up a storm while lighting cigars with $100 dollar bills?

Maybe people in Hoboken aren’t doing that anymore, as The Smoke Shop over near 3rd & Hudson has a sign in the window that it’s currently for rent.

Wonder if it’s just a down economy, increased rent or a combination of both. Or perhaps the owner just wanted to retire.

I’m curious if the next place to move in will have trouble eradicating that cigar smell from the place. I can imagine that would take quite a bit of effort.

The Smoke Shop Hoboken NJ for rent

Description: Cigar Store featuring a large selection of Cigars, Smoking related Gifts & Accessories, walk-in humidor, Cigar cases, lighters
Address: 235 Hudson Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 217-1701

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