Super Bowl Viewing

In four days, the NFL season will finally reach its pinnacle. The Super Bowl.

I think I’ve bored people senseless with the endless polls that have been running about “who will win?”, too. Any suggestions for the next poll?

FYI, the last time I checked, the Bears were +210 on the money line, so if you bet $500 on them to win straight-up, you’ll be $1050 richer if they win. Based on analysis of the recent results, it may make sense to bet against the polls. But wager at your own risk!

So where are people watching the big game? A bar? A party? Home alone? Not watching? Going to the game? has a list of bars and any specials they’ll be running the day of the game. Check it out if you’re interested.

But what I found was great, was this sign from DC’s Tavern. The best Super Bowl promotion I’ve ever seen. How can you beat that?



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my favorite moment of the evening was watching an O’Nieal’s patron yack all over the sidewalk about 5 feet from the door, then walk back in and (assumedly) keep drinking.


[quote comment=”12232″]DC’s is the best bar by far in this pig-cock town.[/quote]

Hush, hush, Danzig. DC’s is for the esoteric. Lets keep it that way, eh. If this place turns into one of the typical retarded meet market joints, it would be a travesty of justice. Tell Jay and Matt Billy G. says what’s up. Haven’t seen them in a while. The judge recommended some time ago that I stay away from bars. :mrgreen:


The commercials were a major letdown and the rain really made it more of a bloopers reel than a game.


[quote comment=”12593″]Who else thought the game was boring (other than that opening kick-return)?[/quote]

it wasn’t a thrill a minute, but at least it wasn’t a total blow-out by the half. i was more disappointed by the commercials.