Product Spotlight: San Pellegrino Chino


San Pellegrino Chino: Unique soda flavor

Not going to go too much into what San Pellegrino Chino soda is – you can read up on it on various product review websites. Yahoo Answers offers practically nothing, and readers over in Dallas think it’s bitter, and is an “acquired taste.”

But wanted to share my experience with this unique Italian soda that I tried for the first time this week, and I have to say it’s a taste I’m glad I enjoy. To put it simply, it’s kind of a refreshing, slightly bitter mix between cola and birch beer.

And if there were ever “soda pairings” like the way wine is paired with food – there is definitely one type of food this goes well with. Spicy. Had a can of this the other day, along with a spicy Italian hero (with extra hot peppers), and I was almost astonished at how well this soda complemented the food I was enjoying. Never before have I noticed a “pairing” like that with a standard lunch (hence the reason I’m posting it). Maybe that’s why it’s so popular in Italy?

San Pellegrino Chino can be found at many Italian deli’s in Hoboken.

Have you tried San Pellegrino Chino yet?

San Pellegrino Chino soda Sanpellegrino Hoboken NJ - Product Spotlight: San Pellegrino Chino

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