Water Cooler – 1/30/2007

watercooler.gifSince I didn’t see anyone nominate some noteworthy comments to make the Wednesday Water Cooler segment, I again quickly picked some of the more snappy comments from the past week. Chose about one per day.

Here’s some highlights:

  • Construction Code Office
    FAP says: “Do I smell an audit of his personal finances coming or is that bacon?” and…
    mcspacebar says: “I cant recall the last thing he (the mayor) commented on that wasn’t intended as a statement to further his career.”
  • La Gloria de Mexico
    bmacqueens says: “there’s just something about pork on a taco that won’t let go of my heart.”
  • Reader Mail: Sidewalk Benches
    Journey says: “Makes me wish the Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired had given me a white cane I could jam into their spokes.”
  • Nag’s Head
    at-home-in-hobes says: “During the week, this bar is like home.”
  • Velocity
    rachelezoe says: “These owners better get a great insurance policy.”
  • New Structure Uptown
    Red Haven says: “(the population) could easily top 60,000 people very quickly. All this with no infrastructure improvements or any plan to deal with added traffic and congestion.”
  • Hair Cult
    Katie_Scarlett says: “(she) put orange streaks in my dark brown hair and had the audacity to tell me it was caramel, then said it was “chic”… I never went back.”

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