Hudson Psychiatric Associates

Another updated listing:

psychiatrist.gifDescription: Hudson Psychiatric Associates include board certified psychiatrists. Dr. Linda Chuang, M.D., who is also board certified in internal medicine and psychosomatic medicine, specializes in anxiety and mood disorders, women’s issues, balancing family and career, and relationship issues. She has expertise in treating emotional stress in those with medical illnesses. She is a clinical instructor and supervisor at NYU Medical Center. Dr. Michael Magera, M.D., also a clinical instructor at NYU Medical Center, has a broad range of experience utilizing both psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral therapies, as well as psychopharmacology, in the treatment of a variety of psychiatric conditions. Dr. Kai-ping Wang, M.D., additionally trained as a child and adolescent psychiatrist, specializes in evaluating and treating anxiety, depression, and ADHD for adults, teenagers, and children.
Address: 79 Hudson Street, Suite 203, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-222-8808

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