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Another new entry today. Catching up on a lot of maintenance!

dogwaggings.gifSit and Stay Dog Training and Behavioral Counseling in New Jersey believes that a well trained dog is the product of a well trained and educated owner. Positive Reinforcement Obedience Classes and Private Training are available in Northern New Jersey and New York City. Obedience classes are available in Hoboken and Nutley, NJ.

Joana Watsky, owner of Sit and Stay, has been a dog trainer for over 14 years. She has taught thousands of owners how to teach their dogs utilizing behavior modification and positive reinforcement methods.

Description: Dog Training and Behavioral Counseling
Location: Hoboken, Nutley, and In-Home Training throughout Northern New Jersey and New York City
Phone: (201) 933-3369
Hours: 9:30 am to 8:00 pm – 7 days a week

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Any recent reviews?


My husband and I recently had a session with Joanna – and she is GREAT. She came to our apartment and stayed until we had covered everything on her list and on ours. She went through a series of commands and helped us with walking our puppy on a leash. Her advice is very professional and sound. Some of it is so simple, it’s brilliant, and you can’t believe you didn’t think of it on your own. But you won’t. Dogs aren’t intuitive to us all, which is why we need people like Joanna. Our puppy isn’t problematic beyond the fact that, well, he’s a puppy. It’s a good idea to have someone help you out. You’re going to be together a long time – so start out on the right foot.

My aunt is a dog trainer as well. She lives in Texas, which is why we sought guidance here. I have high standards and know what a good trainer is – and she is. Take the negative comments here with a grain of internet salt.

I highly recommend Sit and Stay.

kooky kat

I had heard a couple of stories about Joanna also, but took them with a grain of salt. Joanna came to my home many years ago to help me train my then already obnoxiously spoiled animal. Although I didn’t follow all of her instructions implicitly, I still use many of her commands and her basic guidelines when I deal with my dog.

The only problem I sometimes had (and have) with trainers and their techniques are that they ARE pets, and I can’t only give attention to my pet when he’s been “good.” Of course, this is why he can be evil, but in the scope of things, he’s turned out to be a pretty awesome dog!

There’s also a reason that Joanna’s classes are always booked, so I think that uptown girls experience is not a common one!

Tama Murden

Re 22.h-townie: Krikey….what ARE you suggesting?

Elsewhere, you’ve expressed being a dog lover.

Am I missing something in your post?

From all reports, Michael Vick seems to be a sociopath—one of the hallmarks is abusing &/or killing animals.

Not to mention the plethora of professional football players involved in domestic violence….but that’s not for this thread.

And I might infer from the clothes:left-on-the-street poop connection, that h-townie assumes smaller breed dog owners are less responsible about poop pick-up?

Esp. since most all dog clothes (& most are beyond silly), are for smaller canines.

If that’s your perspective, h-townie, I’d suggest you’re very wrong. When I’m out w/my wee ones, I often see mastiff-size loads, left behind.

And I often pick them up, along w/my own dogs’waste. In part, b/c I don’t want responsible dog owners to get a bad rep. (Tho’ that seems a done deal, alas.)

So please don’t make sweeping generalizations.

And please don’t make light of Michael Vick. His alleged behavior is beyond inhumane.


I wonder if she will hire Michael Vick to teach dog control with respect to his lot from the Bad Newz Kennels.

I think the owners who don’t pick up their dog’s $hit are the same ones who buy clothing for their dogs.